European Mobility Fellowships

We are delighted to announce that applications are open for a joint UKEV, GEIVEX (Grupo Español de Investigación e Innovación en Vesículas Extracelulares) and GSEV (German Society for Extracellular Vesicles) mobility fellowship. 

Each of the three fellowships is worth 2000 Euros and will allow an early career researcher (Ph.D. students or Postdoctoral fellows with less than five years experience belonging to at least one of our Societies) from each of the countries (UK, Spain and Germany) to travel to another of the partners and spend a few weeks in a partner lab. This period can be extended with other funding. The UKEV-funded fellowship is specifically for UK ECR to travel to either Spain or Germany. The proposals will be judged by a Committee composed of three Board members(President+two board members) from each Society.

To get a PDF version of this to share with others then click here

Important Dates

  • Announcement: 12th of August 2019
  • Deadline for submission: 30th October 2019
  • Selected proposals: 30th November 2019
  • Execution of the projects: January–April 2019

Hernando A del Portillo (President GEIVEX), Bernd Giebel (President GSEV) & Dave Carter (President UKEV)    

We are particularly grateful to our friends at GSEV and GEIVEX for working together on this initiative.

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